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5 Tips on How to Get Started on YouTube

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Tip 1: Niche Down

Now, you may not get what I mean by this and I didn't get it either but this is basically finding a specific topic to talk about because while your small you don't want to go too broad or nobody will find you amongst the big channels but make sure it's big enough that people are looking for it or again people won't find you as easily.

For me, I started a channel in a niche of Cheap BB Guns and I grew it to over 500 in a matter of months because not many people were making good quality videos about low-quality products. (Video on what I did to grow it from 100-500 in 2 months)


Tip 2: Upload Properly

Uploading right is a big part of growing your channel and I would tell you about what I think this looks like but I'd just be repeating what I said before in a video so here's the video


Tip 3: Titles And Thumbnails

Titles and Thumbnails, the power couple of getting views! A great thumbnail will catch someones attention and either cause them to click or at least look at the title which will. They should be thought about and want to give people a reason to watch YOUR video!

There are plenty of resources for making high performing titles and thumbnails but these tend to be things that grab the attention of the viewer and entice them to watch your video (Questions usually work well as people will want to know the answer)


Tip 4: Plan Your Content

I don't think I can stress this enough, plan your content! Before you sit down to record have an idea of what you're going to say, use a script or notes and plan out the video. I can guarantee you will see a noticeable difference in your videos when you start to plan them and you will come across as the true professional you are!

Also, plan ahead! Sit and record a few videos at a time so you can edit them and not need to worry about setting up and down your equipment or getting into the right spot where your background looks just right!


Tip 5: Engage with your Viewers!

They say to leave the best until last and I really have! ENGAGE WITH YOUR VIEWERS! That means doing the small, simple things like hearting and replying to comments, doing videos based on their suggestions and doing what you can to get to know them.

I once went onto a commenters channel, saw they were going live so joined in and connected with them. They loved that I was there and guess what, they have watched and engaged with almost every video I have published since.

Building a channel means building a community!

5 active subscribers are better than 50 that actually aren't interested in your content. The first thing youtube looks at in your video if your subscribers watched it or not.

I want you to think, if you posted a video right now how many of your subscribers would watch it straight away? Want to test it? See how many views came from notifications.

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