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How To Edit Like TommyInnit

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

I want to show you four things which make Tommyinnit's editing so good and how you can use them to take your gaming content to the next level! Now you may be thinking what software is this going to be on am I using Final Cut Pro? Premiere Pro? DaVinci Resolve? but what I want to show you is actually regardless of software so you can be using any software you want!

If you'd rather watch a video version of this post then here you go 🙂

I also want to specify I'm going to be talking about the "Minecraft 1 VS 1000 players" video and the editing in that but I've also looked at other ones and actually, this same approach is taken in most of his videos.

If you haven't seen the video then here it is (for this to make sense you need to have seen at least the first 30 seconds 😉)


so the first thing isn't actually even done in editing it's in the planning phase and that is the story yes you may not realize but this video is heavily story driven and that is a large part of why we're glued to the screen the whole time. Immediately we're told exactly what's going on and what we should expect. We also get introduced to the story so let me show you the first five seconds of this video

"we added 1,000 Minecraft players to our server and they have to kill us before we beat the game can we survive the horde probably not"

So we've now been introduced to the story with some of the main things we need to know we've been told

  • Our main characters - (Tommy and his friends)

  • What are they trying to do/ their goal - (To complete Minecraft and survive the hoard)

  • Their obstacle - (the 1000 Minecraft players that are trying to stop them/ the horde)

"we added 1,000 Minecraft players to our server and they have to kill us before we beat the game can we survive the horde? probably not!"

Because of this story, we want to stick around to see what happens. Do they do it or does The Horde get them? And the quick delivery of this tells us that we're not messing around and we're gonna be entertained the whole video and talking about that quick delivery, let's talk about Pace...


Now the pace that Tommy uses is also a big thing of why we can't look away. He creates such a quick pace that sometimes comes across as hectic but what really keeps us glued is when he breaks it. Tommy regularly goes from busy and hectic moments with loud music to utter silence all before telling the punchline of a joke or even just having a quick laugh and because of this break of pace it means we as an audience get a breather and it stops us from getting overwhelmed but also this break of Rhythm means that the joke delivered comes across as funnier because he's just brought our attention back in for the punchline.


Next up is the subtitles and they're used throughout the whole video and really do help us stay engaged because for every bit of speech, there is a title that pops in. This is just another visual thing that keeps moving to keep us staring at the screen.

Now before you say, yes Tommy will know that YouTube can add its own subtitles but he chooses to do it in his signature font 'Dosis' the Bold specifically with a stroke around the edge usually black for him and then different characters have different colours and also it has this pop in animation which really keeps us engaged more than YouTube's text just changing would.


Finally, Music. Tommy uses changes in music and also cuts the music to show us different sections of the video, to help deliver jokes and once again to keep us hooked. There are times when there's tension building up with building music, we're on the edge of our seats then whether it's jumping off something or just seeing if something will work he cuts the music, quietens it or just changes to a slower song and this again can really help draw us back into the video and also brings into this kind of slow motion feel like what Tommy would be experiencing in real time.

Bringing it all together

(this section is much better in video form)

Let's re-watch his intro to see how he does all of these together

"we added 1000 Minecraft players to our server and they have to kill us before we begin with the hilarious what is going on with your webcam also this video Took a ton of effort to set up so please subscribe if you find this video funny and not annoying a plea just consider subscribing it's free and you can always unsubscribe later enjoy"

Now you can probably get a good idea of what I mean from these first 10 seconds where we have this loud and fast-paced music while he's describing to us what's going to happen and then he cuts to him saying probably not and the music cuts at the same time which really helps deliver this joke and make us think oh actually maybe they can't do this and then it goes back to this big music saying this was hilarious here's a funny part of the video and then you can hear the music change straight into his call to action which is to subscribe so maybe next time you watch one of his videos watch it through this lens of what is the story he's telling and how is he delivering that and maybe think:

"how can I use this in my gaming content"

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