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Everything You Need To Run A Successful YouTube Channel

YouTube Services

I know how stressful running and managing a healthy YouTube channel alongside a business can be so if you just want to hand over the workload to someone who's been running YouTube Channels and teaching others for years then this is the place for you!


After creating hundreds of videos specifically for YouTube, I've learnt what it takes to make a great video but I've developed the knowledge to know what videos are going to be successful and what ones are going to flop. We will work together to create a personal strategy that will maximise the possibility of your videos getting found by potential buyers.

Channel Management

I've taught hundreds of people and businesses how to run their YouTube channel but I know how daunting this can be and how long it takes to maintain so I'd love to take this work off your hands so that potentially all that you have to do is script and record the videos I ask you too and I'll manage the rest!

Personal Coaching

For those of you who want a more DIY approach I can personally coach you on 1-to-1 calls and help you with any questions you may have or problems you may be facing!

Ready To Get Started?

If you're ready to get started on your youtube journey then let's get our first call booked! Click below to see pricing options and availability.

Meet Owen

Since a young age, Owen's loved YouTube, Videos and Movies.

During the 2020 lockdown while studying Public Services and working at McDonald's Owen started his first YouTube channel and then shortly after started working in the family business managing social media and the 100,000 subscriber YouTube Channel. Since then Owen has worked on videos amassing around 1 Million views!

Owen Salisbury

Dr Shane

YouTube Coaching Client

"Owen has really helped me go from amateur night at the apollo to developing well thought out, clear and vastly simpler videos that  invite visitors to watch a series of videos. 


This goes from developing a thumbnail and a title that ranks high in the search engines ensuring more views, to writing a script and recording the video. 

He truly has an expertise, and is a Game Changer.

Dr. Shane"

Now More Than Just Advice

As I grow in my role as a marketer I want to offer more than Just Youtube

Create a Content Strategy

We will look at your goals, target audience and previous experience and come up with a unique content strategy

Title and Thumbnail Creation

On our first call, I will give you the option of me coming up with the titles and thumbnails for you. However, I believe for you to get the best value for money I can't just hand you fish but I need to teach you to catch them yourself (figuratively of course) So on one of our calls I will teach you the process to creating high converting titles and thumbnails!

Turn Viewers Into Customers

I can build out your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or YouTube ads targeting the audience you want with the content you provide.

Please note that I'm a marketer, not a magician. I cannot guarantee results all I can do is help you to make the best decisions based on data (from your channel and others that I have worked on), best practices and current trends.

Bundle Up and Save

  • 5 Personal Coaching Sessions

    • Personal Coaching
    • Marketing Coaching
    • Ecamm Live Support
    • YouTube Support
  • Best Value

    10 Personal Coaching Sessions

    • 10 Coaching Calls (YouTube, Ecamm or Marketing Related)
    • Content Management System Made For You

The option to buy individual calls for $100/hr is also available below.

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YouTube Support

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